The project results related to the magnetic hysteresis and the effect of antiphase boundaries on the pinning of magnetic domains:

L. Straka, L. Fekete, O. Heczko, Domain wall pinning in magnetic shape memory alloys with small and enlarged magnetic hysteresis

were presented orally at Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS), Mainz, Germany, Sep. 2018.

The important results were shown, describing our  newly found method how to visualize the antiphase boundaries in magnetic shape memory bulk alloys using conventional magnetic force microscopy. By the new method we replace previously used much more complex Lorentz electron holography methods. Using the newly found method we illustrate the pinning of magnetic domains on so-called antiphase boundaries. The findings provides the clear way how the magnetic hysteresis can be controlled  in Ni-Mn-Ga and subsequently how the new functionality can be obtained. Scientific articles will follow soon…

New method found for visualization of antiphase boundaries – oral presentation at Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS)